Simplicity is the new sophistication

era Tulum a new Hotel concept inspired by the beauty of nature, Mediterranean architecture and the simplicity of local materials

Simplicity and its “return to basics” are the roots of this concept of beauty that is imperfect, incomplete: a vision of the world where everything is ephemeral and the individual spirit develops itself within a unique nomadic community

9 exclusive suites that will leave you totally in love, a mix of luxury and organic design, a return to the origins of life and art, combined with maximum comfort …


era hotel wants to offer its guests the best stay for their vacations, immerse themselves in the Mexican world in all its senses, a unique experience that will leave you wanting to return at home, with your family …


era hotel is surrounded by exclusive partners such as auras, an artisan boutique, Dreamcatcher café, to try delicious organic food …



This hotel concept aims to offer guests an experience that goes beyond a simple stay, thanks to the comfort and high quality services it offers


era Tulum, Small boutique hotel, excellent stay.


It explores mind-body wisdom, creative expression and positive transformation through a program of workshops, lectures and meditation classes led by a collaborative community of various disciplines


era Hotel is located in the charming city of Tulum, a magical town with a great historical heritage, full of passion, where culture merges with nature making your stay unforgettable. The location is quiet and relaxing, beaches and archaeological sites easy access.



Our exclusive SPA is a small corner of paradise in which to develop the awareness of your thoughts and feelings for a satisfying internal dialogue with your soul through the rituals according to the cycle of the moon. Find the energy of your body and your mind. It is our philosophical vision. This is our SPA Ritual


Nomadic Spirit

the spirit was born from the architectural mixture of natural elements, the light filtered as oxygen and the spaces dominate together the jungle Creating the perfect environment to relax and live in harmony focusing on the local craftsmanship through the chosen decorations with love, raw wood chairs, organic cotton fabrics , natural fibers, and chukum walls made with sand; they give the right heat to feel at home creating an atmosphere of bond between the souls that return years ago years

That sense of openness extends beyond the design and a simple stay, and joins unexpected friendships.


It is a new era for the world


Between the walls

era Tulum It has 6 spacious rooms, all with private bathroom and 3 suites equipped with bathtub. All have a view of the garden and the pool

The three categories of rooms range from 25 meters to 35 meters internal The beautiful private terraces allow to enjoy the view Exclusive amenities and friendly with the environment


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    Era Hotel Tulum.

     Calle 6 Sur, La Veleta, 77760 Tulum, Q.R.

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